• Agents can book Tatkal tickets after 15min of general public opening time.
  • No trade license is required for the railway agency.
  • Your agency details will get printed on the ticket.
  • The agent receives direct login in the booking portal.
  • Railway ticket fare deducted from your wallet. Hence ticket is created faster

IRCTC doesn’t appoint direct agents, IRCTC appoints leading service providers company for irctc agent appointment, you’ll have to contact major service provider companies to become an Irctc authorized agent, in such case you can contact Travel IQ company get IRCTC authorized agency and agent login.Travel IQ is a principal-agent of IRCTC. Travel IQ provides IRCTC Railway e-Ticketing | Tours and Travels |  Utility Services franchise solutions in all over India, where you can start your tours and travel business with other services.

  • TDR – Ticket Deposit Receipt is online complaint/report receipt that is filed only through IRCTC site.
  • You have to log in through your verified account file TDR.
  • TDR is generally filed in cases when a passenger has booked the ticket but failed to board the train because of the following reasons.
  • The train is running late for more than 3 hours.
    AC Failure.
    Train canceled by railways, etc

You have to cancel the ticket at IRCTC.CO.IN Refund amount will be credited within 48 hours into your account through gateway used.

You’ve got to use file TDR option in IRCTC account. You’ll get option to select passenger as well if I am not wrong.

like air tickets, to discourage last-minute booking, the Flexi fare has been introduced – the fare keeps on increasing during the last few hours / last few seats.in one way it helps the business community in getting last minute reservation – but for open public-its not suited.

  • Some passengers are in Confirmed (CNF) and some passengers are in RAC or WL status in the same ticket.
  • If charting has not been done yet, the RAC passenger may get confirmed seat after charting.
  • All passengers can travel, and their names will be displayed in the chart
    The ticket can be canceled 30 minutes before departure of the train.
  • If waiting list or RAC ticket passengers do not travel, TDR can be filed online.

The cancellation charges for 3AC confirmed ticket 1 hour before departure is 180 Rupee. 

irctc question and answer

irctc question and answer

irctc question and answer

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