Role and benefits of Digital Signature certificate(Dongle) in IRCTC e-ticketing. gif maker

The idea of the Digital Signature Certificate has been introduced to make booking reservations easier and safer for irctc authorized travel Agents. This blog will cut down your confusion on what is M-Token, DSC or M dongle. Though all mean the same thing but generally Dongle is a physical device in which Digital signature certificate […]

Rules for IRCTC Ticket Cancellation and Refund Initiation by

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Travelling with Irctc is always a fun and avid  experience that everyone looks forward to.But there are times when you have to cancel a ticket due to numerous reasons.   People are mostly confused about the refund policy and procedures of irctc. A brief description would help you to cut down your confusion regarding cancellation and […]

Benefits for Corporates/Business/ Brands by IRCTC Authorized Agents

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IRCTC Railways are called the lifelines of India. In 2002 IRCTC fully came into operation. 27 tickets were booked on the first day of its formation. Every year nearly 2 crores of people travel through railways. Around 5 Lakhs of tickets are reserved every day. IRCTC is the most visited website in India and is […]

Government Employee Can Get IRCTC Booking Agent license

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Yes, Anyone can get Agent License of IRCTC. You have to just follow some steps that are following:-  For became an Irctc agent click on this link: In this process required document is below:Document Required:- 1.Pan Card 2.Aadhar Card (With the updated mobile number and email address) 3.Office Address Proof 4.Residential Address Proof 5.Mobile Number […]

Rules for the online ticket booking for irctc agents

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He has to be digital certificate (USB Dongle) of class 3. Note:- You cannot book the tickets through this login in the morning time between 08:00 – 08:15, 10:00-10:15 and 11:00 -11:15. Documents Required:1.     Pan Card2.     Aadhar Card (With updated mobile number and email address)3.     Office Address Proof4.     Residential Address Proof5.     Mobile Number (Unique never registered before in IRCTC)6.     Email Address (Unique never registered before in IRCTC)7.     Declaration Form8.     Registration Form9.    Passport size […]