How to Delete IRCTC Account Permanently

By | December 3, 2016

Making an IRCTC account is not that difficult but when it comes to delete the account it becomes a headache for most of the people. Many people know how to create account through website but it becomes difficult when it comes to deleting the account, so we are here making it easier for you as how to delete IRCTC account that you have already created before.

You might be thinking what could be the reason of deleting IRCTC account and if you wanted to delete it then why you created it well, as there are so many reasons why you ever want to delete your account. The reasons may be as follows-

  • You are no longer planning to book tickets online.
  • You are afraid of the online transactions and are afraid that they do not provide that much security.
  • You have probably forgotten the password of the old-Id and you created a new ID instead.
  • You think your account has been hacked and someone else is using it for other purposes.

Actually IRCTC has the capability to deactivate your accounts anytime. If they found that the information added by you is wrong then they can suspend your accounts anytime. If your account was not active for a long time they have the authority to deactivate it. But if you yourself want to deactivate your account then you can do it.

There is also another problem when it comes to IRCTC that you cannot use your mobile numbers multiple times once you entered a mobile number for a particular account as per IRCTC policy and practically it won’t be possible to get a new mobile number every time you make an account.

So if you want to create a new account with the same old mobile number you can do it by deleting the existing account on IRCTC.

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Now coming to our problem how to deactivate your account:

If you a regular internet user and are active on social sites you must be aware of how to deactivate a normal account on different websites. You just need to follow the simple steps-

• Go to the
• Go to the profile menu.
• And choose the option of deleting your account.

But actually it is not that simple to delete the IRCTC account because it does not provide any option to delete the IRCTC account. It just provide options like unsubscribe and subscribe and to update and reset your profile. There are options available but unfortunately no option available to delete account.

So if you want to get rid of your IRCTC account. There is no particular protocol that you should follow you can use the following to actually delete your account

Deleting IRCTC account by sending Email:

You cannot delete your IRCTC account but you can follow these simple steps to delete it automatically by itself, either you can send mail to requesting them to delete your Irctc account by providing them login id and password.

How to Delete Irctc Account

How to Delete Irctc Account

You just need to go to the profile and change all the details make it fake account and write any number and name you want and change all the details. After sometime IRCTC will verify it and when it will find that none of the details are true it will automatically delete the account by itself.

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