How to Create New IRCTC Account for Ticket Booking

By | October 19, 2016

Steps to Create IRCTC New Account: Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) is mainly known for online ticket booking and also manages the catering, tourism operations for Indian Railway. Indian Railways is one of the biggest railway management in India. With expanding population of India, it takes a lot of time and energy to remain in Queue for Railway Reservations at the Railway Counters. To make the process of booking the tickets easy and time saving. Indian railways has the procedure of booking the train tickets online for convenience of Internet friendly Indians. Many people have question that i want to create an account in IRCTC but how to create irctc account ?

So to make you understand how easy is the process to book your train tickets by creating your New IRCTC Account. Here is the step by step procedure of how to do IRCTC Account Signup or IRCTC Account Registration. Booking the railway ticket online is the most easy, time saving and in addition you will get all data effortlessly accessible on IRCTC. But it is important to enroll for an IRCTC account for booking the tickets for the voyage. In case you don’t know steps to make an account on IRCTC, you can refer the steps below.

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For IRCTC Online Reservations and Ticket Booking, you first need to have all basic information required for IRCTC Create Account as DOB, Name, Zip Code, Mobile Number etc.

Steps to Create New Account on IRCTC

To create an IRCTC account first go to which official website of Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation.

Step 1. Click on Sign up link.

Step 2. Now fill up the form very carefully

  • Choose your desired user name which needs to be in 3-10 characters.
  • Check availability (above you can see the username you entered is available or not)
  • Select the security question and answer according to your convenience, in case you forget your password, it will be helpful to recover it.
  • Enter your first name and last name
  • Select your gender and Date of Birth.
  • Select your marital status.
  • Select occupation (for example: Student,Employee, Business, Profession)
  • Enter your email id & 10 digit mobile number
  • With it enter your country, pin/zip, state and city.
  • Enter captcha or verification code.
Create New IRCTC Account

Create New IRCTC Account Form

Step 3. Now click on submit Button and then press OK.

Step 4. Then scroll down to accept terms and conditions.

Step 5. Now you will receive a user id and password on your e-mail address you entered in the form, as well as verification code on your mobile number which you filled in the form.

Step 6. After that click on home link.

Step 7. In the sign in section, enter your user name and password (received in email id)

Step 8. Click LOGIN

Step 9.Enter the verification code you received in mobile and click on submit button.

Step 10. You have successfully created your account on Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC). Now you can easily log in, in your account and book a ticket.

Note: In case you don’t receive verification code on your mobile, then you can think of resending it or changing your mobile number.

Finally you have created your IRCTC New Account, but wait before you login to Irctc the first thing is, you have to change your Password that should be very strong including special char or symbol and alphanumeric. Below is simple process to change your IRCTC Password:

  1. To change your password, click on change your password in user profile.
  2. Enter your old password then your new password and then tap submit.
  3. You have successfully changed your password now you can re login to confirm it.

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