How to cancel IRCTC Ticket Online

By | December 24, 2016

Are you also searching for the ways to cancel IRCTC Ticket? Then you are on the right place in this article you will be able to find all the procedure as how to cancel your train ticket. Ticket cancellation has been a confusing process and people once booked their tickets sometimes don’t find ways to cancel them. There are various ways to cancel your ticket and here we have listed some of the ways by which you can easily cancel your tickets.

Before you cancel train ticket you need to read the following guidelines below-

  • E-tickets can only be cancelled through internet for that you should have internet connection.
  • E-tickets can be cancelled just before chart preparation. Chart is usually prepared two hours before the departure of train. For example if the train is to be departed at 12 noon then the chart will get prepared at 10 AM in the morning.
  • You cannot cancel tickets on railway counters.
  • You should look at the cancellation charges also before proceeding to cancel the ticket.

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How to Book Confirmed Tatkal Ticket

Steps to cancel your IRCTC E-ticket:

Irctc ticket cancellation may be also a normal ticket or a tatkal ticket it depends totally which type of ticket you want to cancel.

There are also two types where E-ticket can be cancelled

  • One is before chart preparation
  • One is after chart preparation

Why there is a need of cancellation of tickets before chart preparation?

We have to cancel the ticket before chart preparation. So the question arises will you be able to cancel your ticket after chart preparation? Yes it is possible to cancel your ticket after chart preparation you just need to file a TDR to get your money/refund back. That you can find online. Here we will be discussing about how to cancel your E-ticket.

You need to follow the following steps to cancel your e-ticket.

  • You need to log in into your Irctc website.
  • Go to the cancel/refund tickets present on the side bar.
  • Now you need to select the tickets you want to cancel.
  • Now click on the cancel ticket button.
  • You are done! You will get a message with the PNR number that your tickets are cancelled your refund will also be processed soon.
  • It is Important to note that if you have booked ticket for 4-5 people and you want to cancel ticket for two of them remember that you select the right check boxes don’t cancel the other ones. Also if you want to cancel all of them then tick all the checkboxes and hence your all tickets will get cancelled.

To cancel a ticket by phone call – Irctc has launched a new service by which you can cancel tickets by just one phone call. It was a headache usually for people to reach on time on the counters and cancel their tickets. Now cancelling a ticket is just a phone call away. IRCTC has launched this new service by which one can cancel tickets easily and claim refund.

What one has to do?

One needs to just call on 139 and have to give the details of the confirmed ticket and to cancel it. The caller will receive an OTP (one time password)on the respective mobile number given to IRCTC the passenger then has to go to the counter the same day to claim a refund.

The rules of refund has also been changed railways has doubled the cancellation charges for genuine people to get their tickets on time.

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