How to Book Confirmed Tatkal Ticket

By | July 4, 2016

Follow these Tips to Improve Chances of Getting Confirmed Tatkal Tickets:

  1. To avoid the chances of hanging, restart your computer.
  2. Check the constancy of your internet connection.
  3. If multiple programs are running on your computer, then go to the system tray and close all running programs.
  4. Open the browser either the Google Chrome or Firefox.
  5. To clear the cache of browser window click CTRL+ALT+DEL on the window.

How To Irctc Register

How to Irctc Login

  1. Open the on one tab and Irctc official site on other tab. (Do not open any other tabs)
  2. If you have not installed “IRCTC EasyBook” browser extension, then install it and fill your journey detail on IrctcEasyBook copy form page.
  3. To work fast, first disable all other plugins from your working browser other than IrctcEasyBook otherwise you will automatically logout from IRCTC site if there is some poorly coded conflicting makes plugin in your session. This is not mandatory, but it is for security measure.
  4. By pressing ALT+M or copy button copy all the information from copy form page.
  5. Now login on IRCTC official website at 9.50AM, then spend 2-3 minutes to search train by pressing ALT+M.
  6. Tatkal option will be enabled exactly at 10 AM. Now, click on find train button, then again press ALT+M and select the train and class that you want to travel.
  7. Fill the passenger details form by pressing ALT+M and continue to Press ALT+M until the payment gets completed.
  8. You need to copy data from IRCTC EasyBook only once and you can paste that data on IRCTC site many times and any number of pages.
  9. If you have practiced this copy/paste system through ALT+M/ALTN, then you will be able book tatkal ticket within 60 seconds.

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