Complete Guide to Tatkal Ticket Cancellation Charges, Refund and Rules

By | May 20, 2016

The Tatkaal ticket system is an “Indian Railways Scheme” for making journey at very short notice. Railway Minister Nitish Kumar had brought in this plan for travelling in all types of reserved class in almost all the Indian express trains. There are two methods to book these types of tickets. One is the offline that involves you to go to the ticket counter for getting it booked and the second is the online method. People get irctc signup,and are responsive with the method to book these types of tickets, but there are questions coming out like how Tatkal tickets can be cancelled. So, this can be done by following the methods that are discussed here.

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How to Cancel Tatkal Ticket



  1. It can be cancelled from the counter
    There is a ticket counter made on each railway station. There is also a reservation window near this counter, which is opened every day from 10 am for AC class and from 11am for non AC class. You can simply go to this ticket counter with your ticket for getting it cancelled and they will terminate it for you.
  2. You can negotiate on the name of refunds
    If you are considering that you will get all your money refunded by cancelling your tatkaal ticket, then you might be mistaken this time. Indian railways give you a 50% refund if you cancel your ticket more than one day before your journey begins.
  3. Waiting list will move when non-tatkaal ticket Holders cancel as well
    Waiting list will move when non-tatkaal ticket holders cancel as well. If you still have any doubts/ issues linked with the ticket cancellation or refund, all your words are always welcome on reservation window or the inquiry counter. Railway staff is always prepared to help you with these things.
  4. No claims or guarantee for confirmed tatkaal tickets
    If your are having a confirmed ticket, this might make it unfeasible to get you a refund. You can still terminate it if you have delayed your journey. You should go through the terms and conditions provided by the railways for tatkaal ticket sewa prior booking any journey if you are not in favor of this as a confirmed ticket means a seat kept for you. Railways have to ensure some formalities and therefore they cannot refund your money for a confirmed ticket.
  5. Use IRCTC helpline
    Indian Railways has provided a particular toll-free helpline number for this purpose. If you find any problem in cancellation of your tatkaal train ticket, you can just call 1800-111-139. Calling this number will not cost you a single penny and the railway executive who replies your call can be asked queries related with tatkaal ticket cancellation and refunds from your side if you are uncertain about anything regarding it.

    IRCTC Train Ticket Cancellation Charges and Refunds Rules



We hope you find the above methods helpful if you need to cancel your tatkaal railway tickets.

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