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How to cancel IRCTC Ticket Online

Are you also searching for the ways to cancel IRCTC Ticket? Then you are on the right place in this article you will be able to find all the procedure as how to cancel your train ticket. Ticket cancellation has been a confusing process and people once booked their tickets sometimes don’t find ways to cancel them. There are various ways to cancel your ticket and here we have listed some of the ways by which you can easily cancel your tickets.

Before you cancel train ticket you need to read the following guidelines below-

  • E-tickets can only be cancelled through internet for that you should have internet connection.
  • E-tickets can be cancelled just before chart preparation. Chart is usually prepared two hours before the departure of train. For example if the train is to be departed at 12 noon then the chart will get prepared at 10 AM in the morning.
  • You cannot cancel tickets on railway counters.
  • You should look at the cancellation charges also before proceeding to cancel the ticket.

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How to Book Confirmed Tatkal Ticket

Steps to cancel your IRCTC E-ticket:

Irctc ticket cancellation may be also a normal ticket or a tatkal ticket it depends totally which type of ticket you want to cancel.

There are also two types where E-ticket can be cancelled

  • One is before chart preparation
  • One is after chart preparation

Why there is a need of cancellation of tickets before chart preparation?

We have to cancel the ticket before chart preparation. So the question arises will you be able to cancel your ticket after chart preparation? Yes it is possible to cancel your ticket after chart preparation you just need to file a TDR to get your money/refund back. That you can find online. Here we will be discussing about how to cancel your E-ticket.

You need to follow the following steps to cancel your e-ticket.

  • You need to log in into your Irctc website.
  • Go to the cancel/refund tickets present on the side bar.
  • Now you need to select the tickets you want to cancel.
  • Now click on the cancel ticket button.
  • You are done! You will get a message with the PNR number that your tickets are cancelled your refund will also be processed soon.
  • It is Important to note that if you have booked ticket for 4-5 people and you want to cancel ticket for two of them remember that you select the right check boxes don’t cancel the other ones. Also if you want to cancel all of them then tick all the checkboxes and hence your all tickets will get cancelled.

To cancel a ticket by phone call – Irctc has launched a new service by which you can cancel tickets by just one phone call. It was a headache usually for people to reach on time on the counters and cancel their tickets. Now cancelling a ticket is just a phone call away. IRCTC has launched this new service by which one can cancel tickets easily and claim refund.

What one has to do?

One needs to just call on 139 and have to give the details of the confirmed ticket and to cancel it. The caller will receive an OTP (one time password)on the respective mobile number given to IRCTC the passenger then has to go to the counter the same day to claim a refund.

The rules of refund has also been changed railways has doubled the cancellation charges for genuine people to get their tickets on time.

How to transfer your train ticket without losing your money

Is your planned cancelled at last minute due to some urgent meeting and you want to transfer your ticket to someone else who is ready to travel in place of you. You can do it now easily. Gone are the days when you have to loose your money just because you yourself are not travelling  by train now you can easily transfer your ticket in name of your relatives. Indian railways has launched this service as an initiative for people who suffer for such last minute cancel program. By the end of this article you will be able to know how to transfer your booked ticket to your dear ones..!!

You can easily transfer your ticket to your family member. Family member includes mother, father, husband, wife, daughter, sister or son.

You just need to write an application for such purpose just before 24 hours of the departure of the train. Either you can transfer ticket by help of any government official who will be present at the time of departure of the train. The request can also be transferred by the head of principal of any educational institution for his/her concerned train.

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Tickets can also be transferred to the student by the principal of his educational institution. You need to made such request 24 hours before the departure of the train.

The tickets can also be transferred to a party member if you are  in a marriage and the head of the marriage sends a request to the concerned government official 24 hours before the departure of the train.

The tickets can be also be transferred from one military or NCC official to another military or NCC official.

People need to contact the chief supervisor their during the time of transfer and also they need to make request 24 hrs before the departure of the train. He/she needs to provide a proof of photocopy of their relationship and also needs to submit age proof. And finally after verification station master should verify the details and allow them to transfer the tickets.

How to Delete IRCTC Account Permanently

Making an IRCTC account is not that difficult but when it comes to delete the account it becomes a headache for most of the people. Many people know how to create account through website but it becomes difficult when it comes to deleting the account, so we are here making it easier for you as how to delete IRCTC account that you have already created before.

You might be thinking what could be the reason of deleting IRCTC account and if you wanted to delete it then why you created it well, as there are so many reasons why you ever want to delete your account. The reasons may be as follows-

  • You are no longer planning to book tickets online.
  • You are afraid of the online transactions and are afraid that they do not provide that much security.
  • You have probably forgotten the password of the old-Id and you created a new ID instead.
  • You think your account has been hacked and someone else is using it for other purposes.

Actually IRCTC has the capability to deactivate your accounts anytime. If they found that the information added by you is wrong then they can suspend your accounts anytime. If your account was not active for a long time they have the authority to deactivate it. But if you yourself want to deactivate your account then you can do it.

There is also another problem when it comes to IRCTC that you cannot use your mobile numbers multiple times once you entered a mobile number for a particular account as per IRCTC policy and practically it won’t be possible to get a new mobile number every time you make an account.

So if you want to create a new account with the same old mobile number you can do it by deleting the existing account on IRCTC.

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Now coming to our problem how to deactivate your account:

If you a regular internet user and are active on social sites you must be aware of how to deactivate a normal account on different websites. You just need to follow the simple steps-

• Go to the
• Go to the profile menu.
• And choose the option of deleting your account.

But actually it is not that simple to delete the IRCTC account because it does not provide any option to delete the IRCTC account. It just provide options like unsubscribe and subscribe and to update and reset your profile. There are options available but unfortunately no option available to delete account.

So if you want to get rid of your IRCTC account. There is no particular protocol that you should follow you can use the following to actually delete your account

Deleting IRCTC account by sending Email:

You cannot delete your IRCTC account but you can follow these simple steps to delete it automatically by itself, either you can send mail to requesting them to delete your Irctc account by providing them login id and password.

How to Delete Irctc Account

How to Delete Irctc Account

You just need to go to the profile and change all the details make it fake account and write any number and name you want and change all the details. After sometime IRCTC will verify it and when it will find that none of the details are true it will automatically delete the account by itself.

How to Create New IRCTC Account for Ticket Booking

Steps to Create IRCTC New Account: Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) is mainly known for online ticket booking and also manages the catering, tourism operations for Indian Railway. Indian Railways is one of the biggest railway management in India. With expanding population of India, it takes a lot of time and energy to remain in Queue for Railway Reservations at the Railway Counters. To make the process of booking the tickets easy and time saving. Indian railways has the procedure of booking the train tickets online for convenience of Internet friendly Indians. Many people have question that i want to create an account in IRCTC but how to create irctc account ?

So to make you understand how easy is the process to book your train tickets by creating your New IRCTC Account. Here is the step by step procedure of how to do IRCTC Account Signup or IRCTC Account Registration. Booking the railway ticket online is the most easy, time saving and in addition you will get all data effortlessly accessible on IRCTC. But it is important to enroll for an IRCTC account for booking the tickets for the voyage. In case you don’t know steps to make an account on IRCTC, you can refer the steps below.

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For IRCTC Online Reservations and Ticket Booking, you first need to have all basic information required for IRCTC Create Account as DOB, Name, Zip Code, Mobile Number etc.

Steps to Create New Account on IRCTC

To create an IRCTC account first go to which official website of Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation.

Step 1. Click on Sign up link.

Step 2. Now fill up the form very carefully

  • Choose your desired user name which needs to be in 3-10 characters.
  • Check availability (above you can see the username you entered is available or not)
  • Select the security question and answer according to your convenience, in case you forget your password, it will be helpful to recover it.
  • Enter your first name and last name
  • Select your gender and Date of Birth.
  • Select your marital status.
  • Select occupation (for example: Student,Employee, Business, Profession)
  • Enter your email id & 10 digit mobile number
  • With it enter your country, pin/zip, state and city.
  • Enter captcha or verification code.
Create New IRCTC Account

Create New IRCTC Account Form

Step 3. Now click on submit Button and then press OK.

Step 4. Then scroll down to accept terms and conditions.

Step 5. Now you will receive a user id and password on your e-mail address you entered in the form, as well as verification code on your mobile number which you filled in the form.

Step 6. After that click on home link.

Step 7. In the sign in section, enter your user name and password (received in email id)

Step 8. Click LOGIN

Step 9.Enter the verification code you received in mobile and click on submit button.

Step 10. You have successfully created your account on Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC). Now you can easily log in, in your account and book a ticket.

Note: In case you don’t receive verification code on your mobile, then you can think of resending it or changing your mobile number.

Finally you have created your IRCTC New Account, but wait before you login to Irctc the first thing is, you have to change your Password that should be very strong including special char or symbol and alphanumeric. Below is simple process to change your IRCTC Password:

  1. To change your password, click on change your password in user profile.
  2. Enter your old password then your new password and then tap submit.
  3. You have successfully changed your password now you can re login to confirm it.

How to Book Confirmed Tatkal Ticket

Follow these Tips to Improve Chances of Getting Confirmed Tatkal Tickets:

  1. To avoid the chances of hanging, restart your computer.
  2. Check the constancy of your internet connection.
  3. If multiple programs are running on your computer, then go to the system tray and close all running programs.
  4. Open the browser either the Google Chrome or Firefox.
  5. To clear the cache of browser window click CTRL+ALT+DEL on the window.

How To Irctc Register

How to Irctc Login

  1. Open the on one tab and Irctc official site on other tab. (Do not open any other tabs)
  2. If you have not installed “IRCTC EasyBook” browser extension, then install it and fill your journey detail on IrctcEasyBook copy form page.
  3. To work fast, first disable all other plugins from your working browser other than IrctcEasyBook otherwise you will automatically logout from IRCTC site if there is some poorly coded conflicting makes plugin in your session. This is not mandatory, but it is for security measure.
  4. By pressing ALT+M or copy button copy all the information from copy form page.
  5. Now login on IRCTC official website at 9.50AM, then spend 2-3 minutes to search train by pressing ALT+M.
  6. Tatkal option will be enabled exactly at 10 AM. Now, click on find train button, then again press ALT+M and select the train and class that you want to travel.
  7. Fill the passenger details form by pressing ALT+M and continue to Press ALT+M until the payment gets completed.
  8. You need to copy data from IRCTC EasyBook only once and you can paste that data on IRCTC site many times and any number of pages.
  9. If you have practiced this copy/paste system through ALT+M/ALTN, then you will be able book tatkal ticket within 60 seconds.

IRCTC Connect Official Android Mobile Application

IRCTC has been launched its Android Mobile Application for IRCTC users to book tickets faster. Around one million of people are using this application already. It is very Easy, Simple and faster to book tickets through IRCTC Mobile App. Any android user can download the application and get IRCTC Register or create IRCTC account simply. No need to fill username and password again and again if you are using IRCTC application for android because application remembers your username and password for 30 days. Follow these steps to Book tickets through IRCTC application:

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  1. Login to IRCTC app and select the two stations wherever you planned your journey on from and to station, date of travel and quota, then click on search. (You can also book tatkal tickets through this application, but in time duration between 10 AM -12AM the application will not be available)
  2. Now, list of available trains of selected path and date will be shown. Select your desired train and class.
  3. The application will also show the seat availability of the selected train. If seat is available, then it displays the Green button otherwise Red button will be displayed. Now, click on Green button and make the payment to book tickets.

Your ticket will be booked if payment is done and you receive confirmation for the same.

IRCTC eWallet for Booking a Railway Tickets

IRCTC eWallet is a scheme launched by Indian Railways recently. It is a method in which you need to deposit an amount in advance and use that amount at the time of online tickets booking. By using IRCTC eWallet scheme you can skip the long process of payment like internet banking or credit card payment and you will have to face the problem of payment failure. An Irctc online ticket booking is much faster through IRCTC eWallet that can be directly linked to your IRCTC user account.

The main purpose of Irctc eWallet scheme is to help IRCTC users to book tickets quickly and without having payment failure errors. IRCTC eWallet option is available on the “Plan My Travel” page.

IRCTC eWallet Registration steps:

There are some requirements given below for IRCTC eWallet registration:

  • PAN Card
  • Debit Card or Net Banking
  • One time registration fee – Rs. 250 /-
  • A valid IRCTC user account
  1. To create eWallet in IRCTC you need to have a valid IRCTC user account. If you do not have account on IRCTC, then first create or register to IRCTC account successfully and get username and password.
  2. Now, login to IRCTC website with your user Id and password.
  3. After IRCTC Login, a link will appear on the same page just click on the appeared link.
  4. Click on “Click to Register Now”. You will be redirected to new window where you need to enter your Pan Card Details.
  5. After filling the Pan Card details enter the Card holder’s name and wait for the completion of verification process. Following text will appear on the completion of verification.
  • Next, create a transaction password for the eWallet account.
  • The eEallet registration fee is non-refundable.
  • Choose a bank from the list of Payment Options.

After making the one time deposit, you will receive a pop-up screen providing the message ‘Successful Registration’ and the user will be logged out.

Ladies Quota For Ticket Reservation In IRCTC

Ladies Quota in IRCTC

IRCTC also provides special quota called ladies quota which is reserved only for ladies traveling either alone or with child below 3 years of age. Ladies quota only available in sleeper coach, and is present in most of the trains. Only six berths are available in Entire train, but these all six berths are merged together in one coach, next to the door of first bay.

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If you want to book tickets, then get irctc register and under the quota you need to select “Ladies” as Quota option. Under the Quota option on IRCTC, ladies quota option is also available just like Tatkal and General you can select ladies by dropdown Quota option. These ladies quota does not have RAC/WL. If all six berths get booked then “Not Available” status will be shown. If you book your tickets from PRS counter, then mention the same on the booking form.

Although ladies quota is very popular and it has limited berths available so berths sold out very quickly.

Steps to Deposit Amount in IRCTC eWallet Account

To deposit amount in IRCTC eWallet you need to have IRCTC eWallet account and follow the steps given below.

  1. Login to IRCTC eWallet account or ewallet IRCTC login page, Get irctc ewallet registration link here.
  2. Now, choose the eWallet category then a new window will appear.
  3. Whatever amount you want deposit select that amount and confirm deposit amount. Select the payment option.
  • Minimum Limit is Rs.100 and Maximum limit is Rs.10000 to deposit in IRCTC eWallet account.
  • You can check deposit history, transactions by IRCTC eWallet account in eWallet navigation.

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Note: Once you have deposited the amount successfully you will receive a confirmation message. Deposited amount will not be refunded and you can use the amount only for tickets booking.



Use Deposited eWallet amount while booking tickets:

From now onwards while booking tickets you will get another payment option other than existing payment option like internet banking or credit card. A screen will appear which display deposit balance and amount of tickets that will be deducted. Now, select the eWallet option and use the deposited money. To make the payment you have to enter the transaction ID and password to complete your payment. Get irctc ewallet scheme, irctc ewallet benefits and irctc ewallet timings.

You will have to pay Rs. 5 per transaction as additional charge to complete your payment done through eWallet. You need to have sufficient balance in your eWallet account, i.e., more than the cost of tickets for booking the tickets.

If you want to cancel booked tickets through Irctc eWallet or sometimes it may happen that ticket gets automatically cancelled due to some reasons under some circumstances, then your amount will be automatically refunded in your respective eWallet account after deducting some charges applicable by IRCTC.

IRCTC Rules Updates 2016 (July)

The Indian Railway Catering and Tourism (IRCTC) have been updated some rules and replace existing rules. There is some rule are listed below that will be effective from 1 July 2016. These rules are related to Indian Railway Tatkal Booking, Reservation, Cancellation, Refunds and so on.

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People should know about these New IRCTC Rules that are planning to book tickets online.

  1. Now, from 1 July, on cancellation of tatkal tickets, 50% money will be refunded. However, presently there is no refund allowed on tatkal booking cancellation.
  2. Tatkal booking timing will also be hanged.
  3. Tatkal booking window for AC timing will be from 10am to 11 am and sleeper coach tickets booking timing will be from 11am to 12pm.
  4. From now onwards for Shatabdi and Rajdhani Express only mobile tickets will be valid.
  5. You will glad to know that people will be able to book tickets in regional languages as well.
  6. In Shatabdi and Rajdhani Express, number of coaches will get increased so the people will able to book more confirmed tickets in these trains.
  7. Alternative facility will be introduced for Waiting List Passengers called Suvidha Trains. And, people will only get confirmed tickets in Suvidha trains.
  8. There will be lesser stops in trains like Shatabdi and Rajdhani Express.
  9. On cancellation of Suvidha train tickets there will be 50% cash refunded.
  10. Now, premium trains will not be in service.
  11. “Wake Up Call Destination” facility will be available for passengers.